Allstar AAF-ALL42151 Шланг охлаждения тормозов, высокотемпературный, 76мм, длина 3м, черный

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Allstar Performance High-Temp Brake Duct Hoses


Brake Duct Hose, Black, 3.0 in. Diameter, 120 in. Length, Hi-Temperature


Duct Hose Material: Neoprene coated woven fiberglass

Duct Hose Finish: Black

Duct Hose Diameter (in): 3.000 in.

Duct Hose Length (in): 120 in.

Notes: Double ply with a spring steel wire inner. Smooth inner wall for unrestricted flow.


If you need to add brake duct hose to your track or race car, give Allstar Performance brake duct hoses a try! These high-temp hoses direct air from front mounted air ducts to spindle ducts for brake cooling. These hoses are extremely flexible and pliable, but also feature a spring steel wire support to help prevent hose collapse during use. Allstar Performance offers these brake duct hoses in three different temperature ranges to suit your specific application needs.

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